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Best fruits for diabetes patients

It is difficult to find the best foods to eat when you have diabetes. The main aim is to keep the blood sugar level control. So, here are the best fruits for diabetes patients.

1. Apples :

Apples contain healthy fiber which is very important for good health. On the other side they are very tasty. You can have this fruit regularly. It has GI 36 and GL 6.

2. Bananas :

Bananas are very cheap and very delicious and tasty to eat. It contains vitamin C and potassium. It is better to eat when it gets ripe or when it is a little green because as it gets sweater in gets riper. It has GI 52 and GL 10.

3. Prunes :

It's one of the best fruit which has the Lowest-GI. It's one of the best remedies for anti-oxidation. It has GI 29 and GL 10.

4. Strawberries :

It's one of the fruit which has a very low GI index. It also protects your heart decreases bad level cholesterol and increases good cholesterol levels. It has GI 25 and GL 3.

5. Kiwi :

It's one of the fruit which has good amount of Vitamin E and K potassium. It's very protein-rich in nature, and has GI 58 and GL 7.

6. Grapes :

It's a very rich source of vitamin K and vitamin C and fiber. Every day one cup of grapes is the best habit to get such vitamins. It has GI 59 and GL 11.

7. Pineapple :

It's a very rich source of vitamin C and bromeliad. It contains disease-fighting antioxidants. Antioxidants help the body to Oxidative stress. It has antioxidants and chairs phenolic acids and flavonoids. It has GI 66 and GL 6.

8. Pears :

It's very rich in vitamins and antioxidants and Minerals. They are highly nutritious and rich sources of copper and potassium. It has GI 30 and GL 7.

These are all the fruits best for diabetes patients. We hope it helps and please let us know what do you think in the comment section.

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