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Top 10 mind-blowing American dishes

1. Apple pie : Apple pie is almost a pie which especially contains of Apple as its filling. The Apple pie is always served with an ice cream, Crème chantilly, or Cheddar cheese. Apple might be the most honey and satisfying American food. The Apple pie is an American famous dish but it is first printed in England.

2. The Hamburger : The hamburger which is also called as Burger as a short form. It is sandwiched type which is usually covered with buns on both sides and consisting of one or more cooked patties of usually the beef. There is also a cheeseburger which consists of cheese as its topping.

3. Clam Chowder : Clam chowder is the delicious dish which is almost a soup which is made of clam and broth. The clam chowder is filled with minerals and it is a great source of proteins. The clam chowder also contains a negligible amount of fat and calories. Clam chowder is specially provided in restaurants on Fridays for those who avoid meat on Fridays.

4. Pancakes : Pancakes are from centuries, the favorite food of many countries. But for many Americans the brunch feels almost incomplete without pancakes. Years ago they are known as Indian cakes, Flapjacks, and many other names. The toppings which are mostly used with pancakes are caster sugar and Golden syrup.

5. Hot dogs : The hot dog is the meat item made by the meat which is chopped very finely by mixing it with different spices, flavors, and ingredients. In America alone more than 15 billion hot dogs are consumed every single year. The hot dogs consist of many types such as kosher hot dogs.

6. Tator Tots : Tator tots are just another version of French fries but the shape gives them such a beautiful name. But American's also love French fries. They are small balls of potatoes with crispy covering outside. They can be easily found in the found in breakfast spots and dinners.

7. Cronuts : The cronuts are a small dish invented by the chef in New York named Dominique Ansel. The cronut is made and then it is flavored creams to make is tasty. Further it is fried in Grapeseed oil. The cronuts are fried like a doughnut but the cronut has the delicious layers of the croissant.

8. Macaroni and Cheese : You will love Macaroni and cheese because it comes with so much cheese. As most of the American food has the low nutrients and low fiber the Macaroni and cheese cause some risk to human health. But on the other hand, it is one of the important part of the American culture.

9. Meatloaf : You will think the meatloaf is from your childhood but it's the flavored and portable by which anyone can become a meatloaf lover. It is made from a grounded meat which is baked or smoked with some flavors. The meatloaf gets its final shape from the flat pan. 10. Tex Mex : Tex Mex is one of the best American cuisine which is characterized because it consists of great use of shredded cheese, a mixture of beef and chicken. It consists of species, peppers, and flavors.

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