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Top 5 attractive places in London to visit

Your trip to the capital will remain incomplete if you do not see these top 5 attractions in London.

1. The British Museum : The British Museum was opened in 1753 and it is free since that time. It consists of more than an incredibly 13 million artifacts for the ancient world, which would probably take a week to visit the entire Museum. The Museum displays the collection of antiquities which are the finest in the world. There are many priceless objects from different countries like Assyria, China, Europe, and many more. It is very hard to decide where should you start and where to end. The zoo is full of so many incredible items.

2. Buckingham Palace Along With The Changing Of The Guard : The Buckingham Palace was constructed in the year 1837. The Buckingham Palace in London's one of the most iconic buildings. It is also the scene of London's most popular exhibit of pomp and circumstance. At Saint James Palace most of the tourists are attracted because of the free and colorful precision marching and music.

3. The London Eye : The London Eye is almost 135 meters high in the sky. And is the world's tallest observation wheel which has 32 capsules and which carries 10,000 visitors every day. Along with the safety you can see almost 40 kilometers away in every direction from each capsule. The London eye should be mentioned in your London tour. When you are on the top of the wheel the capsule is allowed for a full 360-degrees panorama. It also has a facility for booking tickets only which saves a lot of time.

4. ZSL London Zoo :

ZSL zoo contains more than 800 species of animals in it. The main attraction of these is it contains the reptile house which is visited by most of the tourist. The zoo is full of amazing things like Lake Oku clawed frog breeding, Casson elephant house, African bull elephant Jumbo, Dodo painting from life, Winnie the bear, and many more. You can also find yourself face to face with Asiatic Lions and the friendliest giraffes they enjoy a spot of lunch.

5. Tower of London: The Tower of London is not only the most valuable buildings in Britain it is the most visited part of the city, It is the best tourist attraction. It is very important to know that many famous people were executed or murdered within its walls, including Henry VI, as well as two of Henry VIII's wives. It is a highly significant part of England's History.

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