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Top 5 Must Visit Beaches In California

1. La Jolla Shores Beach : You can explore many amazing beaches in the area of San Diego but La Jolla Shores Beach is one of the most popular beaches in that area. It's the best beach to shove-off your surfing talent. Scripps Pier is the place where you can just walk to find some loneliness and relax your mind. In the direction of Scripps Pier you will find the clothing-optional area which is mostly known as South Black’s Beach. You will be amazed by the freshwater of the sea.

2. Zuma Beach In Malibu : The beach has a great area with large parking areas. The main Zuma Beach is about 2 miles long and it doesn't contain any houses in the sand. The beach has many guard Post in the sands for those people who are afraid of the shores. You can also find volleyball along with the best picnic spots you can visit your friends and family. You can also visit with your kids because it also has many kids playing areas and great restrooms. But the fees for parking is high but if you don't want to pay for that it also has some free parking areas.

3. Pfeiffer Beach : If you are on a tight tour and you don't want to visit all the parks then you should visit these Pfeiffer Beach. Almost most of the tourists are attracted to the amazing rock formations in the Ocean. After the Bixby Bridge, the Pfeiffer Beach is considered to be the most photographic or captivating place in Big Sur. The Pfeiffer Beach many times gets crowded because of its attractions, many visitors have also complaint about just waiting to make secure their parking slot.

4. Coronado Beach : As the beach is located in San Diego (crowd city) it's a great tourist attraction. The beach is mostly for the tourists who love sunbathing and the waves here are so calm. The beach has a peaceful atmosphere and clean sand which is best for the couples and families to visit. Mostly the tourists visit here at the time of sunset to see the incredible views. The beach also has many spots for campfire, picnics, and restrooms. You will have many scenarios to take pictures with. For the ice-skating lovers there is also a unique opportunity to enjoy it.

5. Venice beach : This beach is one of the busiest beach. More than 25,000 people visit this beach every day. The beach is a world-famous boardwalk and it is a very good place for skateboard lovers. The beach is stretched more than 1.5 miles on the feast of the Pacific Ocean. There are many fortune readers on the coast, you can tell them to read your fortune. The shops of the temporary tattoos make the place more attractive. You can also find the t-shirts of every need here.

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