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Top Foods Your Kids Should Eat

In today's world many kids eat unhealthy food, which is very harmful in their growing years. Many foods are healthy for your kids. But many times the parents go to the food which the kids want like Burgers, Pizzas and many more. You can simply clean their plates and add some healthy food from the list below. 1. Apple's : Apple's are a very well-known fruit. They contain many antioxidants, proteins, and a range of other nutrients. Apple comes in various colors and shapes, which are very nutritious to a human body. Many health-benefiting elements an Apple can contain such as various vitamins and minerals. An Apple can help you make many delicious dishes which may give your kid a happy meal. It also gives you vitamins which are essential in the growth of skin, organs, and also the muscle tissues. 2. Vegetables : Vegetables, as you all know when it comes to healthy food you can first think about it. But many children may not like eating it because of their daily junk food and attraction towards it. You can make a vegetable tasty by just cooking it deliciously. Vegetables are important for many nutrients and vitamins such as A & C. everyday consumption of vegetables are important for our health. The vegetables such as broccoli, spinach gives you the extra benefit.

3. Milk : Milk is an open source for many nutrients, vitamins, and also proteins. As the kids start growing they create distaste about milk because of many soft drinks that are easily available in the home like sodas, and too much fruit juice. It is said that every kid should have milk as a main item in their diet unless they have some type of allergy to it. Drinking milk daily also reduces the chance of many diseases. Most importantly milk is very important for bones.

4. Nuts And Seeds : Nuts and seeds are packed with high proteins and nutrients which should be mentioned in every kid's diet. They can keep your nervous system in good condition and can also maintain your mood. You can use peanut butter which is healthy along with its delicious taste or you can make a sunflower seed butter. Energy and proteins are mainly obtained from peanut butter.

5. Yogurt : Yogurt mostly provides calcium, potassium, and vitamins to small children which are very essential in their growing years. Proteins which are obtained from yogurt is very important for the health of the bones of your child. Daily eating of yogurt may reduce the chances of diarrhoeal illness. Kids immune function can also be improved by Yogurt in your daily routine. Yogurt also helps in the digestion of food if it is consumed after your lunch or dinner.

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