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Tips for relaxing your mind and body

Inhale a long and hold it for about a moment until you can and then exhale slowly. Can you feel relax? Exercise-related to breathing is one thing but I will give you some different ways by which you can feel relax. Relaxation can help in stress management too. Sleeping problems and anxiety can also be managed through relaxation.

1. Take a break : Relaxation means not taking a break for a long time and it does not take your lot of time. If you are doing something stressful then just take a minute for a moment to feel fresh. Take a break from your daily routine and give your self some space in which you can feel calmer. You can read a magazine or a book even if you have taken a break for a very short time like a minute. You can also relax playing with your pet or watching a movie or trying a new recipe on your own.

2. Self-massage : As we all are probably aware of how much relaxation we get after the body massage in a spa your health club which is easy our muscle tension. Self-massage helps in reducing our stress in relieving pain. You can experience the same benefits at your home or work by just practicing self-massage. You need to take a few minutes between tasks to massage yourself. To increase the rate of relaxation you can also use aromatic oils and scented lotions.

3. Laugh out loud : A good laugh not only lights your mental load it also lowers your cortisol and your stress hormone present in the body. It helps in boosting your brain releases the chemical called endorphins which helps in making your mood good. You can also write your turning by watching your favorite video not chatting with your loved ones by which you get a smile.

4. Write down your thoughts : You can get a little relaxation by writing your thoughts down. In conditions when you feel stressed you can write down your short notes about how was your day and how are you feeling. Nowadays you don't need a book to write down your thoughts, you can just open a notepad on your smartphone and write your thoughts. In this case, you don't need to be poetic just write down what's on your mind.

5. Connect to nature : Spending a little time in a natural world your brain can feel relaxed and your stress can just vanish. When you are feeling tired or stressed you can just walk out with your pet or loved one. Or you can simply go and sit in a garden. If there is some problem going out then you can relax by looking for some nature photography.


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