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Top reasons why you should visit Dubai at least once

1. Wonder the desert : You will not believe before the development of Dubai there were no skyscrapers and luxurious automobiles it was only the sand. If you visit Dubai there is Still desert to see. If you want to know how was life before the city boomed you should go to the Middle East of the desert surrounded by the dunes. If you go on a tour to Dubai go to the desert safari and along with it, eat a traditional Arabic barbecue by watching belly dancing and enjoying rides on a camel.

2. Heaven for foodies : Along with the diverse population you can experience a great range of food styles available here. You can experience a great range of Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, Chinese, and many more styles of foods in the City. if you are a foodie you will love the food festival which is carried out here throughout the year.

3. Luxury holidays of a lifetime : You are a person who is searching for the luxurious holidays then the result is Dubai. Dubai will give you all the requirements which you need for your luxurious life. You can also chill out in the Pristine beaches which are waiting for your luxurious welcome and to offer you are great experience and memories. As we all know Burj Al Arab hotel is in the most luxurious hotels in the world which is made like an Arab sailing ship. Just sit back and enjoy the views and stunning services in the hotel, you don't have to worry about the services.

4. Cultural diversity : Diversity in Dubai is unique by the diversities in the world. Best example airport where you will find peoples from other countries thronging rather than the locals. The city has all types of places to worship in very less time you will say it as your second home. The immigration here is on a high level which makes it's our environment a bustling environment with a rich culture and lifestyle. In Dubai there are more than 200 nationalities who was speaking more than 250 languages and dialects. It's hard to believe but Dubai is in the top 10 most multicultural cities in the world.

5. Palm Jumeirah : For those who are Island lovers Dubai allows you to stay on an artificial island. Many of them are still being constructed. The Palm Jumeirah island is from decades which is the beautiful artificial island in the world and these are island is shaped like a giant palm tree which is spread in the ocean. The better visit to palm Jumeirah is to take the helicopter tour from the above the island.

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